Class Types

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Move & Groove (ages 6-12)

This program provides children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder with the opportunity to express themselves freely through moving to music in a way that is meaningful and comfortable to them.

*Presented in partnership with Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton (CASE).

Zumba Kids Jr (ages 4-7) & Zumba Kids (ages 7-12)

High energy dance parties include music, movement and games. We break down steps and include a variety of activities to match each class level and encourage active living and community for children.

Mini Mindfuls (ages 7-12)

Beginning with a 2 hr introductory seminar we explore a variety of mindful practices and activities each week.

The intention is to help each child identify some useful tools they can apply in their own lives to help them deal with stress, improve sleep and develop a better sense of their body-mind connection.

Mindful Youth (ages 13-17)

Beginning with a 2 hr introductory seminar we begin to look at a variety of activities and practices to help participants in developing a personalized mindfulness practice to help them increase awareness of their own feelings and experiences.

Greater awareness gives the individual far more information to interpreting a situation and more options to choose from when responding.

Zumba (ages 13 to 113)

A high energy dance party that combines latin and world rhythms with a full body cardio and aerobic workout. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

It’s so much fun that you don’t even realize you’re exercising!

A Mindful Life (18+)

A practical introduction to the practice of mindfulness and meditation for adults.

We’ll begin with a 2 hour seminar and, over subsequent weeks, we will delve into varying approaches to allow each participant to craft a mindfulness practice best suited to their unique needs.